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Questions and answers/ For vehicle owners

How accurate is Scher-Khan Universe positioning system?
Two and a half meters. Universe navigation receiver uses GPS and GLONASS signals simultaneously and that is particularly useful in urban areas.
Is configuring and controlling Scher-Khan Universe different from configuring and controlling a two-way alarm? Can an ordinary user cope with it?
It is different, and for the better: the majority of users do not have to configure anything, they just need to register a phone number and the system becomes ready for operation.
Is there any need for equipping the vehicle with any additional security devices after installation of Scher-Khan Universe?
One of the advantages of the system is that it allows you to fully protect the vehicle from a theft without additional security devices. Moreover, the degree of protection can be increased: the basic models feature three wired engine kill options, and the top models feature additional wireless radio controlled immobilizers.
Is there any economic benefit in buying Scher-Khan Universe telematic system compared to buying individual elements (satellite positioning system, two-way alarm, immobilizer, etc.)?
There is benefit, and essential! An integrated solution is not only cheaper, but also more efficient. In case of Scher-Khan Universe, the modules it comprises, synchronize their work exchanging data via RF channel.
What is the trips storage period on Mega-F Telematics server ?
Trips storage period is unlimited.
Are there any restrictions with regard to cellular communication provider?
The set includes a Beeline SIM-card with a tariff plan purposely designed for using with Scher-Khan Universe. There are no restrictions on using SIM-cards of other providers.
Will the system work in another city, country?
Scher-Khan Universe system can work with two SIM- cards: a built-in and an external one. When traveling abroad, you can install a SIM- card of a local provider and configure it to work in roaming.
Are there any restrictions on selling a vehicle with Scher-Khan Universe telematic system installed on it? Is it necessary to dismantle the system? Will the 'history' of my vehicle be available to another owner?
That's an important question, because the server contains the trips history and other personal information. We have provided a simple procedure of deleting all personal information before selling a vehicle. This can be done via deleting the vehicle from your personal account.
How accurate is the fuel consumption data displayed in the personal account on the telematic portal?
Without installing additional sensors the accuracy corresponds to the one of your vehicle dashboard indicator (subject to calibration procedure is performed).