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1  How it works

The telematic device in your vehicle features a GSM-modem with SIM-card. With their help, the device sends the encrypted data to Mega-F server via Internet. The server records everything that happens to the vehicle - travel routes, alarms, engine condition information.

Direct channel to communicate with the device is available even in the absence of Internet connection, so you can arm the system or start the engine via direct calls to your vehicle.

2  New approach to control

Together with the telematic system you get a login and passwordwhich will be known only to you. You will use these login and password to access your personal account of your vehicle at MEGA-F Telematics site as well as to enter a mobile application under Android platform (the use of the personal account is free, the mobile app is also free).

Control you vehicle via your PC, tablet PC, or mobile phone!

Now you have the new remote - a digital one.

Control with comfort!

The application is free, with demo mode.

3  My vehicle is always on-line

Now your vehicle is always with you!

Wherever you are, even on another continent - now it is very easy to find out what is happening to your vehicle: where it is and whether everything is OK with it.

To do that, simply log in your personal account on MEGA-F Telematics portal or use the mobile application.

Any change in the status of your vehicle will be immediately displayed: open door, hood, trunk, lights ON, the various causes of alarms, etc. And you will be informed of any change immediately.

The vehicle is not moving and is armed. Engine is OFF. Doors, hood, and trunk are closed.

Warning! Door is open!

Warning: Hood is open!

Service mode is activated

Vehicle is moving at an average speed of 40 km/h.

Alarm! Accident!

Ararm! Shock!

4  Security first

The system ensures prompt notification of alarm events at any distance.

In case of an unauthorized intrusion attempt, thievery or evacuation of the vehicle, as well as an impact on the vehicle and any other alarming situation, you'll get a prompt notification to your mobile phone (call and/or SMS) and will be able to response immediately (for example, kill the engine if a car theft is suspected).

All the information transmitted between the telematic device and the server via GSM channels is encrypted and protected from misuse.

5  Take timely measures

MEGA-F telematic systems are connected to the vehicle's CAN-bus and provide you with on-line information about the engine and other vehicle systems operation.

The value of the on-line diagnostics is that the information about the vehicle is recorded during actual trips.

The system has sent a 'check engine' message? Perhaps it is worth to visit a service center!

6  All my trips are plain to see!

Now you have access to the full information on any of your trips - not only a route on the map, but travel time and traffic jams, speed, fuel consumption. Compare several routes and choose an optimal one for the next trip!

All the events happening to your vehicle while travelling or parking (arming, disarming, fueling, alarms, warnings) are also recorded. This information can be used not only to fully control your vehicle, but as a proof in case of an accident.

7  Dashboard in your pocket

Now your vehicle dashboard is in your pocket!

It's easy to check whether you have enough fuel for the next trip, the battery is OK, and what the temperature is inside your vehicle (it might be worth to preheat the interior?).

8  Forget nothing!

Want to change oil, spark plugs, peform regular mainainence in time?

Create the meters. They'll remind you when your vehicle has travelled the specified distance.

9  Now it's clear!

In addition to the trip statistics, you can see the extended statistics on your vehicle for any period of time, e.g. the current week, month or year.

Now you know that in April you travelled a lot more than in March, spent 46 hours driving and spent less time in traffic jams. And this winter fuel consumption slightly increased compared to the previous one.

10  How much will it cost?

You pay only once - when you purchase the system and install it in your vehicle.

The use of personal account and mobile application to control your hevicle is free of charge.

Since the telematic device features a sim-card, your vehicle immediately informs you of any alarm (call and/or message), the only thing you need to take care of after purchasing the telematic device is to monitor the sim-card balance which you can always check from your personal account on MEGA-F Telematics website or using the mobile application.

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