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Our products/ For my vehicle fleet

1  How it works

Telematic device in each vehicle of your fleet includes GSM modem and SIM-card. With their help the device sends the encrypted data to Mega-F Telematics server via Internet.

Server records everything that happens with the vehicle - the routes, alarms, engine status info.

Direct GSM communication channel is still available if no Internet; you can call to the device number to speak with the driver via loud speaker or turn on external devices (such as a siren or a cargo compartment door power lock).

2  New approach to control

Together with the telematic system, you get login and password which will be known only to you. You will use these username and password to access your fleet personal account at MEGA-F Telematics web-site. After that you can create groups of users with different authorities for fleet management.

Thus, the dispatcher is able to see all the vehicles at once and detailed information on each of them from the personnal account.

Control with comfort!

3  Total control. At any distance

Wherever each vehicle of your fleet is, you always know whether it follows the fixed route, what time it spends moving as well as its parking time.

In addition, you will be informed of all the facts of refueling the vehicle.

Information about the alarms which took place (an attempt to get inside the vehicle, steal or evacuate it, an impact on the vehicle, etc.) as well as the established requirements violation by the driver (speed limits, number of loading/ unloading operations, fuel discharge, etc.) will be immediately transmitted to dispatcher via the telematic system.

4  Learn the drivers better

Driving manner largely affects the cargo integrity and road safety. However, an objective assessment of the driving manner was very problematic until recently. Now, with MEGA-F telematic system you can get a very reliable picture. The system is equipped with MEMS-accelerometer which accurately records the acceleration and decceleration rates. Moreover, all this data can be presented in a form of reports and linked to the area where the route lies, enabling you to assess the adequacy, timeliness, and accuracy of one or another maneuver.

Moreover, you can set the 'reference driver' profile and thereafter compare it with the driving manner of other drivers.

5  Technical condition of all vehicles

MEGA-F telematic systems are connected to the vehicle's CAN-bus and provide you with on-line information about the engine and other vehicle systems operation.

The value of the on-line diagnostics is that the information about the vehicle is recorded during actual trips.

Thus, any technical fault will be put on record and a dispatcher will to be timely informed to take measures.

In addition, you can set a reminder to have regular maintainance for each vehicle individually or for a group of vehicles.

6  Optimal routs

You have access to complete information on each trip of any vehicle of your fleet - not only the route on the map, but travel time, speed, fuel consumption, etc. Comparison of similar trips using specified parameters will help you to choose the optimal route in the future.

All the events that happen to your vehicle while travelling or parking (arming, disarming, fueling, alarms,warnings) are also recorded. Now you fully control all the vehicles of your fleet.

7  Any kind of detailed reports

The total array of information on each vehicle is accumulated on MEGA-F Telematics server. Based on this data you can get reports with any parameters or a group of parameters which were measured and monitored.

Each user can choose the most suitable report form. For example, one of the standard reports where the most demanded data is presented. Or it can be a report featuring some customized parameters. The reports can be provided in a tabular format or in the form of graphs. All standard reports are free to the user.